Packaging? Printing? Our ACTEGA specialists are the perfect contacts. They have a wide range of innovative technologies at the ready. “We put together the precise package that matches the brand,” says Susan Kuchta, Vice President ACTEGA North America, Global Segment Head, Labels. A recently completed internal reorganization ensures that all regional units possess a wider portfolio than ever before. With this move, ACTEGA has ventured into new terrain – yet again.


A Focus on the Market

ALTANA’s ACTEGA division’s portfolio is extremely diverse. It includes inks and coatings for labels, coatings, inks, and special effects for rigid, flexible and paperbased packaging, publication and commercial prints and sealants for lids and screw caps. But due to their respective histories, the companies that belong to ACTEGA have different strengths in special technologies. So the growth in the different regions has developed differently. This is about to change.

With the project ACTEGA 2020, the division has formed regional hubs starting January 1, 2016. These hubs cater to customers and markets in the respective regions across all technologies. They receive support from international competence centers, at which researchers and developers push ahead innovations in the respective technologies. With these moves, ACTEGA has created the prerequisites for dynamic global growth. At the same time, due to the fact that the uniform portfolio is now available worldwide, ACTEGA companies can tap into new customer groups in the regions.

Concentrated Knowhow
“We concentrate our technological knowhow for our customers in a market and application-oriented way,” explains Susan Kuchta. Last year, she and other members of the management team worked on turning two companies into one new company in the U.S. to form ACTEGA North America Inc.

“The concentrated knowhow opens up many interesting new packaging and printing possibilities for our users in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean. It enables them to gain access to new technologies that are unknown to some of them,” says Kuchta. This has many advantages, particularly for globally active brand-name manufacturers. “Depending on the brand and the individual design, we can now offer these companies innovative solutions that uniformly support their image worldwide.”

Global Label Portfolio
An example: In Europe, ACTEGA Terra is already very successful with innovative coatings for in-mold labels. These coatings serve to protect brand labels that are applied directly on plastic jugs and containers. For North America, we have a small market share in this label application. “On the other hand, the narrow web label printing inks and coatings of the U.S. company of ACTEGA are hardly known in Europe,” says Kuchta. That, too, will change with the reorganization.

Now ACTEGA Terra and ACTEGA North America can share technologies and invest in new developments that bring more to our customers in both markets. Customers such as global consumer goods manufacturers can choose a suitable solution from the expanded label portfolio. “The site is no longer limited to the technologies they historically produced; all technologies across the globe are available to them. The only thing that matters is the specific requirement for the product packaging in question,” says Kuchta.

For each segment, ACTEGA has formed international teams that possess diverse technical application knowledge. In addition, they have worldwide access to the necessary laboratory resources and specialists.

For Susan Kuchta, change is part of everyday life. Before she switched jobs to become a manager at ACTEGA North America, she had worked for many years as a change manager for large U.S. chemical companies.

“I’m very comfortable with change,” says the strategy and marketing expert. “So I am all the more pleased to make our expanded product portfolio in the new ACTEGA organization accessible to an even larger group of customers.”