For 60 years, ELANTAS Beck India has manufactured insulating materials for the electrical and electronics industry on the Indian subcontinent. During this period, the company became the market leader in India in the area of liquid electrical insulating products. “A willingness to change is part of our company’s history,” says Managing Director Ravindra Kumar. To stay ahead in the game, he recently started the Vision 2020 project, thus opening a new chapter of success along with the management team.


Ongoing Improvement of Service for Customers

With its primary and secondary insulating materials for motors and rotors, ELANTAS Beck India has been a leading company on the Indian subcontinent for many decades now. Its customers include regional and globally active manufacturers. But why rest on these laurels? “A willingness to change is part of our DNA,” says Managing Director Ravindra Kumar. “We aim to continually improve our products and service offerings for our customers.” This is also the objective of the Vision 2020 project.

The first task is to identify new markets and thus further growth opportunities for the company. Second, Ravindra Kumar leveraged the project to adapt internal structures and processes to better equip the company to deal with market challenges. To this end, the chemical technologist implemented knowledge he gained as a manager in the international chemical industry.

Among other things, Ravindra Kumar set up an interdisciplinary Market and Technology Development team. Its task is to identify new business development opportunities and ensure that our product development activities are well aligned to realize the identified opportunities. The team is responsible, say, for modifying existing and developing new insulating products in close cooperation with customers so that they are suitable for specific applications.

In addition, improved Key Account Management practices ensure that all business partners always find the right contact partner for their questions, whether in sales, applications, research, or technical service. The strategy is working. “Our customers are enthusiastic about the direct and fast communication at eye level,” says the managing director. “We have intensified a number of relationships substantially and also gained access to new customer groups.”

New Field of Business: Repairs
Within just a few months the company brought product innovations onto the market. “They’re based on existing technology platforms and one of them was developed exclusively for small motor repair,” Ravindra Kumar explains. Among the customers are companies that overhaul and repair fans, industrial pumps, and water pumps – a steadily growing market in India but an untapped field of business for ELANTAS thus far. “We see interesting growth opportunities for our company here,” says Ravindra Kumar. “Furthermore, this segment is commensurate with ALTANA’s objective of contributing to products that permit sustainable business activities.”

The company’s second growth segment is polyamide-based curing agents that are used, among other things, in paints, coatings, and varnishes. For a few years now, ELANTAS Beck India has already produced some of these raw materials in small quantities and provided them to its customers. The company intends to intensify this knowhow. “We’ve already made the first advancements. We’re currently testing applications with our customers,” says the managing director.

The third growth segment is so-called flexible insulating materials, which are used to line grooves in stators and rotors. With these materials, the company, which previously has only sold liquid insulating coatings, plans to enter a new product segment. A new product has been developed by its U.S. sister company ELANTAS PDG. The first new insulating material from St. Louis will be presented to Indian customers in 2016.

For his new task at ELANTAS Beck India, Ravindra Kumar returned to India from Europe. With the Vision 2020 project, he intends to expand current lines of business and open up new growth opportunities for insulating materials.

Initial successes confirm his strategy. The company’s product innovations are meeting with an encouraging response from customers on the Indian subcontinent. In 2015, ELANTAS Beck India increased sales by more than 15 percent compared to the previous year.