The world of tomorrow. With ALTANA.

How will people move around 20 years from now, and how will they live? What forms of energy and communication will our society use? And how can specialty chemicals help to shape the world of tomorrow? ALTANA is actively exploring these questions in order to identify tomorrow's trends and markets already today. With leading-edge, technologically sophisticated products and comprehensive service, we will proactively help to shape the future, from mobility to the better utilization of available energy. Discover the world of tomorrow. With ALTANA.

Mobility with ALTANA.

  • Mobility with ALTANA.

Mobility will be one of the great challenges of the next 20 to 30 years. more

Energy Efficiency with ALTANA.

  • Energy Efficiency with ALTANA.

Will the buildings of the future generate their own energy from the sun, wind and earth, realizing the zero-emission city? more

Connectivity with ALTANA.

  • Connectivity with ALTANA.

Will modern communication technologies network the entire world? more