Relaunch with a New Image Campaign

With the revamp of the ALTANA Group image, we want to bring out the emphasis on our new orientation towards specialty chemicals. We also wish to demonstrate to all those concerned that ALTANA has rolled up its sleeves and is now a force on the markets as a specialty chemicals business. We have started a broad media campaign to make the ALTANA Group the talk of the town – by placing large-scale adverts in Spiegel, Focus, Financial Times and FAZ as well as other national newspapers and trade journals. The overall aim of the campaign is to get people “ALTANAready” – i.e. geared up to our specialty chemicals future and to ALTANA as a going concern. That‘s industry, society, the general public, the financial community, customers, and – not least – ourselves.

Thanks to the first phase we were able to show what ALTANA stands for now and in the future: specialty chemicals, four successful divisions, innovation and a long tradition.

The campaign USP is this: each division at ALTANA will speak to the public with an advert of its own, setting out its own strong points on the basis of one good example. In other words, the adverts will not fall back on all-toointerchangeable pictures. Instead, they will use photos that were specially commissioned for the campaign and focus on the products and their applications. Right from the start, then, it will be clear to everyone exactly what ALTANA is about and where ALTANA is involved – plain and simple, self-assured, upfront. Once they have seen the adverts, anyone previously unaware of what ALTANA does … will now know.

In the adverts placed in the chemical journals, the logos of BYK, ECKART, ELANTAS and ACTEGA will also be on view as a means of pointing our customers to those new names and images. We see ourselves as one big family, a closely knit specialty chemicals community with a wide range of products and solutions that are amazingly practical and useful. And all that will be highly visible in the adverts. With our revamped image and the new advertising campaign we think we are transparently on our way to a new ALTANA Group era – for everyone to see. We take pride in, we are passionate about, specialty chemicals. With an unrivalled spirit of enterprise and customer proximity