Brilliance by ECKART

Hartenstein, 25.04.2012. Brilliance and good printability – have been trademarks of ECKART for many years. At the drupa from 3rd until 16th of May 2012 ECKART the global market leader for effect pigments and metallic inks presents further innovative solutions for the printing industry. Among the special highlights are: low-migration products focussing on end-user needs, for such products which may also be used for foodpackaging and metallic inks for digital printing. When you visit us in hall 3, stand C32 you will experience live how solvent-based and UV-curing metallic inks can be printed digital.

JETFLUID SB and JETFLUID UVThe JETFLUID SB inks are the worlds fastest printing metallic inks developed by ECKART. They are solvent based and suitable for many standard piezo print heads. JETFLUID SB can be adopted easily in the existing printing process as the printing speed is comparable to that of process colours.
JETFLUID UV – is the worlds 1st UV curing metallic digital ink - and latest innovation by ECKART. JETFLUID UV makes metallic effects for wide formats, flatbed and one-pass label printing possible.
Metallic inks for digital printing advances a vast range of opportunities for the printing industry. Metallic effects are possible now for posters, labels and packaging as well as on leather and textiles.

A printed golden mirror? With MIRRORGOLD printing golden mirror-effects is now possible. As a replacement for time-consuming technologies, such as de-metallization or foil stamping ECKART's printing ink introduces many application possibilities in reverse printing, in particular for flexible packaging.
The application is simple: MIRRORGOLD prints only where the metallic effect is needed in the design. Therefore ink consumption is controlled and the required ink quantity is determined only by the design. Golden mirror effects are available on demand with new MIRRORGOLD.
ECKART offers MIRRORGOLD SX-3300 as a finished ink for screen printing. For applications in gravure printing, a two-component system is available: MIRRORGOLD 590 001 paste & MIRRORGOLD GX-3203 medium.

Brilliant packaging for foodstuffs is now possible with the “Food Packaging Grade (FPG)” series METALSTAR FPG 11. The offset-sheetfed series is low-migration, sensory neutral and meets the high standards for food packaging. Its formulation is based on carefully selected raw materials that are monitored using the state-of-the-art analysis methods. The ink series is produced under GMP conditions and we provide a “Statement of Composition”.
METALSTAR FPG 11 series can be printed in sheet-fed offset on paper and carton board. This way, food packaging will receive metallic effects that can be used without reservations.

METALURE® stands for greatest brilliance and opacity since more than 20 years. The aluminium pigment dispersions are available in fine nuances – from dark, chrome-like effects to bright brilliance. Always offering a mirror effect.
METALURE® is especially suited when foil stamping or metallized substrates are too costly in the application, inks formulated with METALURE® can be selectively printed in-line. ECKART has two ink series based on METALURE®: ULTRASTAR and TOPSTAR.
METALURE® is also available in stabilised variants. They guarantee flexibility for the formulation of UV-curing and water-based systems.

ECKART offers metallic effects in many qualities. PLATINSTAR inks and PLATINVARIO aluminium pigment dispersions are commercially attractive. They fulfil sophisticated requirements. On ECKART’s product effect scale, the so-called “Platindollar” aluminium pigments are seen between METALURE® mirror effects and the brilliant “Silverdollar” pigments, respectively between ULTRASTAR and ROTOSTAR printing effects.

ULTRASHINE UV FP-8240 Silver is a highly brilliant, UV-curing flexo ink, which has been specially developed for Front End Coaters or Tower Coaters. Regardless where the coater unit is arranged in the process - upstream of the first printing unit or at the end of the offset machine – ULTRASHINE UV FP-8240 Silver replaces metallised substrates or the need for foil blocking. It is distinguished for its efficient use, because it will only print the metallic effect where it is intended by the design.

ROTOSTAR UV FX 68-41002 SHRINK Silver is the first UV-curing flexo ink for shrink sleeve applications. It ensures that the brilliance remains after shrinking.

FERRICON products are based on carbonyl iron pigments and can be aligned magnetically – this way, 3-D effects can be printed.
SYMIC and LUXAN products make up ECKART’s pearl effect offering. SYMIC pigments are produced from artificial mica, while LUXAN is based on glass pigments. Both pigment families create exciting highlights with different shades of colour.

METALSTAR Eco 10 & METALSTAR SuperEco 10 – free of mineral oil
Both of these offset printing ink series are formulated completely without mineral oil. This provides advantages for paper recycling. The difference? METALSTAR Eco 10 offers the standard metallic effects, whereas METALSTAR SuperEco 10 is recommended for high printing speeds – in the familiar ink quality with excellent printability.

The water-based flexo ink is recommended for non-absorbent substrates such as foils. Its distinguishing characteristic is its high rub resistance.


About ECKART: The ECKART Group is a worldwide leading manufacturer of metallic effect and pearlescent pigments and metallic printing inks. The group of companies with today globally about 1, 850 employees develops, produces and distributes metallic effect and pearlescent pigments in powder, paste and pellet form and also in concentrates, dispersions and print inks. ECKART products are used in the graphics, coatings, plastics and lightweight concrete industries, as well as in cosmetics and personal care products. ECKART is represented in more than 70 countries as of the present day. The company is a member of ALTANA AG. ALTANA develops and produces high quality, innovative products in the sector of specialty chemicals.

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