Further Emissions

In line with our aim of keeping the environmental effects of our production processes as low as possible, we make an effort to reduce further emissions. At its U.S. site in Painesville, ECKART optimized the atomizer the company uses to grind copper and copper alloys for pigment manufacture. The aim of the optimization was to reduce energy consumption, on the one hand, and to cut dust emissions in the air, on the other. For this purpose, a special filter is now used that catches the copper dust and thus prevents it from getting into the nearby Grand River when it rains. With this filter, around 1,800 lbs (816 kg) of copper dust a year can be disposed of properly.

In Deventer in the Netherlands, BYK-Cera took measures to reduce VOC emissions. The company equipped the reactors and containers in which solvent-aided production is carried out with special condensers. The latter have water coolers that ensure that the solvent vapors become liquid. Thus, they can flow back into the containers and reactors.

45 percent of all manufacturing sites have a wastegas treatment facility. The figures for the divisions are as follows: BYK: 67 percent, ECKART: 50 percent, ELANTAS: 60 percent, ACTEGA: 8 percent.