Resource Consumption and Waste

The table of environmental performance indicators on the opposite page shows the progress ALTANA made last year based on the absolute figures and sets them in relation to 2007, the first year they were compiled. They concern energy consumption (divided up into electricity, gas, oil, and coal), water consumption, and the amount of waste produced, divided up into hazardous and non-hazardous waste.

The diagrams on page 40 illustrate the development from 2007 to 2015 based on our key performance indicators. They show that we have reached our goal of reducing the amount of hazardous waste we produce Group-wide. But only the companies that belonged to ALTANA prior to 2013 reduced their CO2 emissions and water consumption as well as the amount of non-hazardous waste they produced.

Nevertheless, we expect to reach the environmental goals we set for 2020, because we will undertake the necessary optimizations in the coming years. Water consumption remains an exception. We will not be able to reduce our consumption of water to the extent originally sought by 2017.