Vehicle Fleet Supports Climate Goals

Company vehicles are the third possibility of reducing the Group’s emissions. About 270 ALTANA Group employees in Germany are entitled to a company car. They can choose a leased vehicle in keeping with their function whose performance is defined not only by the amount of horsepower, but also by an upper limit for CO2 emissions.

To reduce the emissions of our fleet, since 2007 we have rewarded employees opting for lower motorization by paying them an additional monthly contribution. Many employees take advantage of this offer and use the financial assistance to purchase better special accessories for their cars. In the last few years, we have continuously reduced the CO2 limit for the additional funding. While in 2007 the limit was 150 grams of CO2 per kilometer, in 2015 it was only 125 grams per kilometer.

Furthermore, we offer employees who opt for electric cars financial assistance. As a result, this fleet is also growing slowly but surely.