• ALTANA increased its gross value added by 5.4 percent in 2013. It amounted to 663 million euros.
  • ALTANA increased its portfolio of environmentally friendly products and products for water-based coatings significantly in 2013. This was due to the acquisitions of the overprint varnishes business of Valspar, Henkel’s specialty coatings business, and the rheology business of Rockwood.
  •  The number of our suppliers that have committed themselves to the principles of the Global Compact initiative rose to 319.
  • In 2013, ALTANA exceeded its environmental targets. This relates to CO² emissions, water consumption, and amount of waste.
  • At its Güntersthal site, ECKART reduced its CO² emissions by 959 tons. This was made possible by a switch from oil to gas as an energy source.
  •  ACTEGA WIT, ACTEGA Kelstar, ACTEGA Rhenacoat, and ECKART America in Louisville were all certified according to ISO 14001. As a result, a total of 29 ALTANA companies now possess this certification.
  • ECKART Zhuhai and ELANTAS Zhuhai were certified based on the national safety management system in China.
  • 2013 was ELANTAS Beck India’s tenth accident-free year in a row.
  • At its Schererville site, ECKART America has not recorded any lost work time in ten years, and ACTEGA Kelstar in two.
  • We reached important milestones in our efforts to develop alternatives to hazardous substances. These include benzophenone-free coatings and varnishes of ACTEGA Kelstar, the monomer-free coatings of ELANTAS Beck, the NMP-free coatings of ACTEGA Rhenania, and BYK’s additives for chrome-free corrosion protection.
  • ALTANA’s personnel recruitment and the ALTANA trainee program CDDPI each received an award.


  • ALTANA did not reach the targets it set for it self for 2013 with regard to the Work Accident Indicator (WAI). The timeframe has been extended to 2016.
  • Due to violations of environmental laws, ALTANA paid a fine equivalent to 238,000 euros in the U.S. Other fines amounting to 2,000 euros and 5,000 euros concerned products and services.
  • ALTANA recorded two compliance violations in 2013.
  • In 2013, ALTANA had to register six incidents. One employee suffered slight injuries.
  • Women are still underrepresented in management positions relative to the number of women employees.
  • ALTANA did not achieve the goal it set itself of defining a key performance indicator for sick leave. The timeframe is now 2014.