• ALTANA increased its gross value added by 16.7 percent to 763 million euros.
  • Our companies’ sustainable portfolio grew further due to acquisitions, our stake in the Landa Group, and our own developments.
  • ALTANA brought additional products onto the market that offer alternatives to hazardous substances. Among them are BYK’s new thixotropy additives and the pigment Lasersafe made by ECKART.
  • Coatings labeled with ACTEGA Terra’s new ToySafe seal do not contain the following substances: Bisphenol A, benzophenone, heavy metals, or plasticizers.
  • Following the lasting success of the plasticizer-free sealant Provalin, ACTEGA DS brought ProvaMed onto the market for medical and pharmaceutical applications.
  • ALTANA achieved all of the occupational-safety targets it set for itself. Three of the company’s four divisions even reached the level defined for 2016.
  • The following companies have not had any lost work time due to accidents for a longer period: ECKART, Schererville site (eleven years), Zhuhai site (four years), Wackersdorf site (two years); ELANTAS Beck India (more than ten years); ACTEGA Foshan, ACTEGA Kelstar, and ACTEGA Rhenacoat (three years each).
  • In 2014, ALTANA met its environmental targets with the companies that belonged to the group before 2013, and in some cases even exceeded them.
  • ECKART’s new exhaust air combustion system at its Schererville site reduces natural gas consumption and thus CO2 emissions by seven percent.
  • BYK-Chemie, Wesel, and ELANTAS Beck, Hamburg, certified their energy management systems in accordance with ISO 50001.
  • ELANTAS Isolantes Elétricos do Brasil certified its environmental management system in accordance with ISO 140001.
  • On our electronic procurement platform, a further 161 suppliers committed themselves to adhering to the principles of the Global Compact initiative.
  • An English-language e-learning program devoted to the topic of corruption was developed and implemented for managers.
  • In 2014, there were no penalties for violations of legal norms.
  • A total of 8,000 visitors attended Open House Day in Germany.
  • Counseling services for people suffering from mental strain are now offered to employees of ECKART in Germany.
  • At its Wesel site, BYK now offers all employees over 40 a comprehensive, free medical check-up.
  • More and more ALTANA companies offer their staff sports options.




  • In the year under review, ALTANA recorde d four significant incidents according to its own definition, including three conflagrations / explosions and one release of chemicals. One employee was slightly injured. According to the VCI definition, there were eleven significant incidents.
  • In 2014, ALTANA had to pay the following fines: due to violations of environmental law, 19,000 euros, 6,000 euros, and 1,500 euros, respectively. Another fine amounting to 1,300 euros concerned products and services.
  • Contrary to its original plans, ECKART can realize only one combined heat and power plant (CHP) in Germany. This is because changes in the legal situation worsened the prospect of such investments being profitable.
  • Due to our acquisitions in 2013, CO2 emissions, water consumption, and the amount of nonhazardous waste grew in part considerably in relation to gross value added.
  • Our objections to the EU definition of the term “nano” remained unsuccessful. This will place a substantial burden on manufacturers of powdered products.