Recruitment Harnesses Storytelling

On the basis of the Group’s new image campaign in 2015, a new personnel advertising campaign was developed in the year under review. It is also based on the “plus” concept. In the campaign, we show employees at different sites and in different capacities. The goal is to convey our group’s unique competence and great dedication in a vivid way. All of our companies worldwide can use the campaign for
recruitment, for example in job ads.

In Germany, we additionally use motifs from the campaign for communication directed to university graduates and junior staff. Prior to recruitment fairs and events staged by the Young Chemists Forum (JCF), we place ads selectively to communicate our attractiveness as an employer.

We used the launch of our new advertising campaign to make our online job portal and our diverse social media activities even more target group specific and user friendly. We received important impetus from a project to which we invited media management and advertising psychology students from Pforzheim University. The aim of the project was to gear our Internet communication to the behavior and usage habits of a generation whose members are dubbed “digital natives.” As a result, we can now shed more light on the work spheres of individual employees by means of words, images, and sounds, in keeping with Internet “storytelling.”