Vocational Training at ALTANA

In the year under review, around 140 young women and men completed training at an ALTANA company in Germany. As a result, our training ratio is 4.3 percent. A total of 17 industrial, commercial, and IT professions can be chosen from. During this period, the young people receive support and guidance at the site from trainers for the respective profession, as well as from deputy trainers in the respective departments.

To ensure that the training is at the same high quality throughout the Group, we support trainers and deputy trainers in their activities. In the year under review, for example, we invited the trainers to a meeting in Wesel, where they could exchange thoughts about current and future challenges and learn from one another. The topics discussed by the 23 participants included best-practice occupationalsafety models and how to deal with difficult situations.

For their part, the deputy trainers had the opportunity to complete external further training. The workshop in which the eleven deputy trainers from several companies took part conveyed, for instance, useful information on didactic methods.

Like the works council, the trainees at our German companies choose representatives. In 2015, nine Group-wide youth training representatives met for the first time. At the meeting, they exchanged ideas about training at ALTANA and talked with representatives of the Human Resources department. In 2016, the trainees will continue to engage in exchange.