Women in Leadership Positions

Promoting women in management positions was a special focus in the 2015 fiscal year. By intensifying measures that had been introduced in the past, and with new instruments, we further anchored the promotion of gender diversity in our human-resources management. One focus was promoting women in human-resources development. The proportion of women in ALTANA’s various national and international management development programs was increased sig­nificantly in recent years. In addition, our further education program includes special offers for women.

With the initiative LEADING WOMEN@ALTANA, we aim to increase the number of women in management positions in Germany. This initiative includes our mentoring program for women whose pilot phase began at our Wesel site in the year under review. Seven tandems, each consisting of a mentee and a mentor, work in one-on-one meetings continually for a period of 18 months on advancing the individual personal skills of the mentees.

Members of ALTANA’s and BYK‘s management, including two managing directors, are available as sparring partners. Once the pilot phase is finished, we will use the evaluation of the project to decide how to expand the mentoring program at other Group sites in 2016. We also initiated a forum enabling women managers and a female member of the Supervisory Board to exchange views. Furthermore, various informal platforms were created to intensify dialog on this issue. Among them are regular meetings of women in management positions that focus on strengthening the network, and workshops for further development of familyfriendly employment models intended to contribute to the continual improvement of the general working conditions at ALTANA.

ALTANA’s medium- to long-term goal is to increase the share of women in management positions to 30 percent. That roughly corresponds to the percentage of women in the entire workforce.

In accordance with the requirements of the Law on Equal Participation of Women and Men in Leadership Positions in the Private and Public Sector that went into effect in April 2015, ALTANA specified target figures for the share of wom­en in its Supervisory and Management Boards as well as the two management levels below these boards. Target figures were also set down for the company’s German subsidiaries that are subject to codetermination. Detailed information is provided in ALTANA’s Annual Report and on our website.

We do not calculate the ratio of women in our foreign companies due to the different hierarchical and contract structures. However, we set our companies business-related targets that serve to increase the number of women in disciplinary management positions.