Audit of the Sustainability of Our Supply Behavior

In the year under review, ALTANA’s holding company and BYK at our Wesel site underwent a sustainability audit for the first time. The focus was on our supply behavior. The internationally operating company EcoVadis based in Paris examined our working, environmental, and production conditions.

According to EcoVadis, this audit is comparable with guideline ISO 26000 and based on the specifications of the Global Compact initiative, which ALTANA joined. Within the chemical industry, EcoVadis has become the world’s leading audit, and thus evaluation, platform for sustainability. Many of our customers also underwent this assessment.

In the online assessment made by EcoVadis, based on a questionnaire and a document check, ALTANA was given 58 points, well above the average (the mean score in the industry is 41 points), and thus received a silver rating. In the chemical manufacturing group, we were in the top twelve percent worldwide.

We use the results of this assessment to measure our own performance as well as the progress we have made in sustainable management. Therefore, we will have the assessment done again, and also have further aspects of our group tested successively. Other companies in the ALTANA Group will also undergo this assessment.

We make the results available to our customers on EcoVadis’ supplier portal. As a result, they can be convinced of the sustainability of our supply chain in an uncomplicated way.