Compliance: Training and Workshops

ALTANA has had a comprehensive Compliance Management System (CMS) since 2008. Detailed information about this system as well as our group’s leadership and responsibility structures can be found at

Our goal is to continuously advance this system and adapt it to the criteria of the IDW 980 audit standard valid in Germany. As a result, we sought an exchange with external experts in 2014. They confirmed that we chose the right system.

ALTANA’s Code of Conduct, a binding guideline for all of our employees and managers worldwide, is a component of the CMS. It provides information about proper behavior in instances of corruption, accepting or giving advantages, discrimination, and conflicts of interest. Moreover, on the basis of the “Corporate Guideline HR” published in 2014, all ALTANA companies have committed themselves to adhering to these regulations. In addition to ALTANA’s Code of Conduct, ELANTAS Beck India informed all of its staff members about the law on sexual harassment at the workplace that went into effect in India in 2013.

Training programs on ALTANA’s Code of Conduct have been offered electronically on an online platform since 2010. Aside from German, English, and Chinese versions, an Italian version was added in 2014. It provided training to 270 employees last year.

The e-learning program (exclusively in English) developed in 2014 addresses the issues of corruption and corruptibility. With it, we have trained 300 managers. Also, we used our annual controller meetings in the U.S. and China in 2014 to heighten the participants’ knowledge about the issue of compliance. At both events, the subject was taken up during a whole day of lectures and workshops.

With internal audits, we check to see whether our business processes contain compliance risks and, if they do, define measures to eliminate these risks. In 2014, we performed 19 audits of this kind.