Compliance: E-Learning Makes It Easier to Impart Knowledge

In 2013, ALTANA’s Compliance Committee dealt intensely with the auditing standard PS 980, developed by the Institute of Public Auditors in Germany (IDW), for compliance management systems. As a result, possible optimizations in organization, control, and communications were identified and will now be implemented. 


Our Code of Conduct contains binding rules regarding issues such as antitrust law, corruption, and discrimination. The e-learning program that belongs to the Code is now available in German, English, and Chinese, and an Italian version will be introduced in 2014. We will also implement a new e-learning tool on corruption in 2014. It is geared to the Group’s some 300 managers.


In 2013, employees reported irregularities in business processes at ACTEGA in Foshan, China, and at ACTEGA Colorchemie in France. Both cases involved compliance violations, which were being investigated. One case may entail corruption. There was no fine for violations of legal standards relevant for society.


In internal audits, we regularly examine external contracts and provision agreements, among other things, in cases where there is suspicion of corruption. In 2013, 20 audits were carried out.