Environmental Advantages Thanks to ALTANA X

Our Group-wide excellence program titled ALTANA X serves to establish sound, data-assisted decision-making management in all of our companies. The aim is to improve the quality of our internal processes in the long run. Therefore, ALTANA X includes a transparent key figure system. We use it to gage the costs and benefits of the respective measures.

With this comprehensive approach, economic benefits are coupled with ecological advantages in a number of projects in an especially fruitful way. An example is a project that aims to reduce BYK’s energy costs at its Schkopau site. With the project, we can reduce the use of raw materials and at the same time improve exhaust air purification and wastewater treatment. In Vigo, Spain, ACTEGA worked together with customers to make screw caps more user friendly. They managed to produce less scrap when applying the sealant in the cap, thus reducing the amount of waste. The improvement measures that ECKART America introduced to clean production plants also have a lasting effect on the environment because, wherever possible, environmentally hazardous substances are avoided.