Dr. Matthias L. Wolfgruber

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Opposites attract. And sometimes something new emerges from a connection between seeming contradictions. This is the case with sustainability. And that’s why we support the objectives of the UN Global Compact initiative. For in our society we still hear much too often that economy and ecology are irreconcilable. In point of fact, these two issues go hand in hand, particularly in our core business, specialty chemicals. Innovative products from ALTANA help our customers manufacture with low emissions and in an energy-efficient way. And not seldom, our solutions contribute to considerable cost savings. This is an important success factor for ALTANA. Ultimately, we give our customers a competitive edge with this and at the same time can be successful on the market ourselves.

At ALTANA, such synergies are forged in all of our business divisions. Behind these synergies are individuals who advocate sustainable developments in their work environment and create added value out of seeming opposites. Thus, we are devoting this year’s Sustainability Report to the entrepreneurs and environmentalists, the coatings developers and climate protectors, the discoverers and resource protectors, the pioneers and safety experts, the future shapers and value upholders, the researchers and talent scouts in our group of companies worldwide.

I would like to thank all of the employees for their commitment, which has made ALTANA a sustainable employer, business partner, and neighbor.

Dr. Matthias L. Wolfgruber
Chief Executive Officer