Climate Protection Thanks to Digital Printing

More and more packaging manufacturers are using digital printing for design purposes. This future-oriented technology is particularly suitable for flexible packaging such as folding boxes, stand-up boxes, and tubes. ACTEGA manufactures special coatings for these applications, including overprint varnishes and primers. They are marketed under the brand ACTDigi and our customers have shown great interest in them.

In view of the numerous economic and ecological advantages (among other things, digital printing uses much less ink and produces less waste), as part of its global restructuring measures in 2015, the company decided to make digital printing products a focal point of its business activities.

To this end, ACTEGA formed an internationally operating team consisting of ten researchers and application technologists who work on advancing customer-oriented applications for digital printing. Laboratory capacities have been made available to them in Germany and the U.S. ALTANA’s cooperation with Landa Digital Printing, initiated in 2014, is also helping grow this portfolio.