Plasticizer-Free Medical Packaging

Provalin is the brand name for the thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) manufactured by ACTEGA DS. They enable PVC-free sealing of screw caps used, among other things, for glass jars. The easy-to-process plastic granulates have already proven themselves in the food industry. They are used in so-called pano seals, recognizable from the blue ring in the screw cap. With these seals, customers can rest assured that no harmful plasticizers, including phthalates, can migrate into the food.

Given the positive response to Provalin, ACTEGA DS has developed the technology further in recent years and brought TPE formulations for medical and pharmaceutical applications onto the market under the brand name ProvaMed. The elastic material fulfills all prerequisites for so-called medical-grade plastics and can therefore come into contact with blood or medicines.

ProvaMed TPE formulations are certified based on United States Pharmacopeia (USP) guidelines, among others. Thus, there is official proof that they are free of PVC, silicon, and latex and can be sterilized using various methods (gamma radiation, ethylene oxide, in autoclaves). Due to their enormous flexibility and high resistance, ProvaMed products are excellent sealing materials for syringes, for tubing connections in catheters, as well as for operating elements or handle parts. The cosmetics industry, with its high hygienic and safety requirements, can also use ProvaMed for caps.