Substitute for Peroxides

Peroxides are used, among other things, to cure coatings on the basis of unsaturated systems such as polyesters and acrylates. But peroxides are critical compounds which are subject to a number of regulations pertaining to safe handling, transport, and storage. Our customers therefore find less hazardous, alternative substances appealing, and ELANTAS Europe has set itself the task of accommodating them. It opted for benzopinacol, as this substance is less critical and can be used as a curing agent.

At its Hamburg site, the company set up a testing center to develop a simple synthesis for the manufacture of benzopinacol. The objective was to come up with a method enabling products to be manufactured by the kilogram with uniform high quality and at low cost.

With Elan-cure, the trade name for benzopinacol, they succeeded. The innovative curing agent offers our customers many advantages. It meets the various technical requirements for unsaturated systems. Compared to curing agents based on common peroxides, Elan-cure products keep better and can be processed with lower emissions and more ecologically. Last but not least, they facilitate handling because fewer safety measures are required.