Health Offers in Germany

In Germany, representatives of all of our companies exchange information on a regular basis in order to develop best-practice models for health promotion. In 2015, this led to more and more of ALTANA’s companies offering their staff a health day in which they could participate during work hours. BYK’s sites in Moosburg and Schkopau held such events for the first time. Together with external partners, they provided information on the topic of back health, among other things.

The health day at our Wesel site has a tradition. In 2015, the lobby of ALTANA’s building served as the venue of this event for the first time. More than 30 percent of the employees came to gather information – much more than in the previous years. Aside from lectures and health check-ups, the visitors could attend preview courses in which sports, fitness, and nutrition programs were presented.

At its Hartenstein site, ECKART and external partners developed a “health sensitization” module expressly for trainees. It serves to convey important knowledge on nutrition, sports, and movement to young people as they embark on their careers, thus enabling them to deal responsibly with their health.