In accordance with the definition of the German Chemical Industry Association (VCI), we had 17 significant incidents in 2015, including two fires, one deflagration, and 14 cases where chemicals were released. Five employees sustained injuries. Residents were not harmed. In eleven cases, no harm was done to any people and there was no environmental damage, as the substances were caught by special sumps or tanks installed expressly for such incidents.

At our U.S. site in Cinnaminson, two employees suffered injuries when 3,000 liters of a product leaked out. At our Hartenstein site in southern Germany, two employees were injured when a fire broke out in a mixer. Another employee was injured in a deflagration of methyldichlorosilane at our Kempen site.

At our U.S. site in Louisville, white spirit was released, contaminating the soil. But we were able to rectify the situation. At our U.S. site in Chester, 1,600 liters of a 27-percent ammonia solution contaminated water, which we subsequently processed in our wastewater treatment facility.