Uniform Safety Culture Worldwide

In the 2013 fiscal year, ALTANA employed 5,741 people worldwide. As an employer, it is our duty to protect our staff members from dangers and to offer them safety at the workplace. The technical and organizational measures our companies have implemented to enhance occupational safety are not oriented solely to the legislation of the respective region. In addition, we seek to create a uniform safety culture applicable in all ALTANA companies whose content and goals are firmly anchored in the minds of all of our staff members.

Less exposure to chemicals

ALTANA has introduced manifold technical measures to decrease employees’ contact with chemicals, e.g. with closed metering systems for solvents. In 2012, the company invested in new tanks at ELANTAS in Hamburg, in Ankleshwar, India, in Zhuhai, China, and at ACTEGA in Sedan, France. And to protect employees of ACTEGA Rhenania from dust from nanomaterial, a closed production facility was built.

In open facilities, the air quality at the workplace is measured, for example, to gauge the amount of nano dust at ECKART. Whether this material is actually a nanomaterial depends on the definition and measuring methods. As the European Union has not made a definitive decision on this matter yet, it cannot be assessed conclusively. Only one dimension of the ECKART pigments in question is in the nano range. As a result, it cannot be concluded that there will be a migration through biological membranes, e.g. the skin, and the  toxicological risks can be assessed as low.