Safety Methodology Advanced

Many of our companies are gradually introducing the internationally proven 5S and 6S methodology to improve their employees’ safety behavior. At its U.S. sites in Cinnaminson and Lincolnton, ACTEGA North America launched a uniform safety program based on 5S. An important component are regular behavioral audits that superiors undertake during working hours. As a result, the staff members get feedback on their safety behavior directly in the work situation and can correct it, if required. Furthermore, the EH&S managers improved risk communication and developed special criteria that help them analyze the safety behavior of contractual partners.

At its site in Quattordio, Italy, ELANTAS introduced special checklists enabling it to add the topic of safety to the 5S methodology used there and thus expanding it to become 6S methodology. The lists serve to standardize procedures and at the same time help employees check their work themselves during work time.

At its Indian sites in Pimpri and Ankleshwar, the company set up special safety committees whose members include employee representatives. The committees define appropriate measures. In addition, a special suggestion scheme and annual safety weeks help anchor the subject of safety firmly in employees’ minds.