“Educational Coaching” of Elementary School Children

The focus of our so-called “educational coaching” program is 18 elementary school children from Wesel. Some of them have a migration background, while others live in socially adverse conditions. The aim of the project is to promote the individual potential of girls and boys in order to improve their educational opportunities in the long run.

Since 2014, ALTANA has enabled educational coaching in conjunction with the non-profit Klausenhof Academy and the Elementary School GGS Innenstadt in Wesel. For a period of three years, we finance the personnel and material costs for a socio-educational expert, who trains the volunteer mentors and coordinates their activities. The mentors personally supervise the elementary school kids. They accompany the children when they engage in extracurricular activities that promote their personalities, including visits to the library, excursions to the countryside, and music class.

Apart from these individualized activities, in 2015 we invited all of the children and their mentors to a research afternoon in our company. Under the guidance of application technologists, they playfully conducted technical experiments at BYK and simulated a volcanic eruption, among other things.