Educational Projects Outside of Germany

For several years, we have supported the non-profit association Passo Fundo e.V., which grants university scholarships to talented young people who cannot afford to pay for their studies. Previously, the association had solely promoted students in Brazil. Since 2015, it has also been active in Kenya and Malawi.

In the year under review, ALTANA contributed a total of 8,000 euros for scholarships for five students, three in Brazil and one in Kenya and Malawi, respectively. In exchange, the scholarship recipients agreed to become involved in a social project.

After the devastating earthquake in Nepal in April 2015, ALTANA, in cooperation with Germany’s Relief Coalition “Aktion Deutschland Hilft,” asked employees to make donations. More than 25,000 euros were collected, which the Group doubled. With this amount, we were able to help the particularly hard-hit and difficult-to-reach Himalayan community of Ghyangphedi quickly and unbureaucratically.

Among other things, the money was used to refurbish two schools and to build new classrooms. In addition, the schools received new rainwater collection systems. In special training sessions, the students learned the essentials about hygiene and health.