Training of Sustainability Ambassadors

As in the previous year, in 2015 we again enabled a two-member team to travel to Antarctica within the framework of the 2041 project launched by the British polar researcher Robert Swan. This time, the team consisted of an employee of our site in Zhuhai, China, and a high-school teacher from Wesel.

During the expedition, they acquired first-hand knowledge about the fragile eco system of Antarctica and its significance for global climate and environmental protection. This knowledge enables them to subsequently serve as sustainability ambassadors and give the people in their professional environment suggestions for responsible, sustainable action in everyday life. The internal initiatives that arose from this are presented in the Management chapter of this report.

Externally, our sustainability ambassadors are primarily involved at schools. Our staff member who traveled to Antarctica in 2014 initiated a painting competition for students at our Collecchio site in Italy devoted to the topic of climate protection. In Wesel, the high-school teacher launched a work group called “Climate Detectives” at her school in 2015 and developed teaching material on the subject of upcycling.