Production Operator

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BYK Additives & Instruments is one of the world’s leading suppliers in the field of additives and measuring instruments. Around the world, the additives of BYK ensure that coatings and plastics obtain precisely the desired properties and the correct quality.

Production Operator

Your task structure


Production Operator is required to operate a Robot bagging system which transfers Organo clay products into heavily lined paper and plastic bags.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Starting and stopping the robot bagging system.
  2. The operator will monitor the robot to ensure it is operating correctly.
  3. The operator will monitor and regulate the amount of product which is poured into the bags as per weight specification.
  4. The operator will monitor the duck bill apparatus to ensure it is functioning properly
  5. The operator will maintain the proper bags on the duck bill apparatus to provide the robot with bags.
  6. The operator will ensure all product they produced are fit for shipment by inspection and correction, if needed, of the follow;
    1. Bags placed on proper pallets
    2. Bags are not tore or damaged
    3. Bag valve sealed
    4. Bags free from any dust/material
    5. Bag are labeled properly
    6. Pallets is properly wrapped with the appropriate wrapper
    7. Pallets are transported to the warehouse and place in the designated storage area.
  7. The operator will perform moisture and particle size testing on the material they are producing.
  8. The operator must, safely and competently, operate a forklift.
  9. The operator will monitor and maintain the Press Spray Bar system for the system they are operating.
  10. The operator will monitor and maintain the inline screens.
  11. The operator will maintain a clean working area.
  12. The operator will be required to feed material back through a feedback system. This is completed by lifting, cutting and pouring a bag into a feedback system.
  13. The operator must abide by all company safety rules including PPE, LOTOTRY.

Operators must exercise proper judgment to keep themselves and fellow employees safe in all duties performed at all times.

Non Essential Job Functions:

  • Press Screen repair, machine maintenance, forklift operation.
  • Sitting - Rarely while operating a forklift.

Job Hazards/Materials:        

  • Dust, slippery, extreme heat, noise, chemical, explosion and fire.

Equipment and Tools:         

  • Standard safety equipment such as hard hats, safety glasses/goggles, steel toed boots, ear plugs, respirators, fork lifts, brooms, shovels, bags, high pressure and steam hoses, dry press, shrink wrap machine, milling machine, retractable knives.

Work Environment

Work is performed in a plant, non-air conditioned; extreme heat and cold depending on the weather.  Hot and cold weather conditions and humid.

Your recipe for success


  • Walking/Standing: Constant on concrete floor and metal grading, 10-12 hrs a day.
  • Lifting: up to 60 lb. bags as frequently as 50-100 times per shift.
  • While performing the feedback process, worker lifts a 60 pound bag and removes it from the pallet. The worker is required to lift and pivot and place the 60 pound bag onto a rail at approximately 35” vertical.   Worker uses a bagging knife to cut the bag and pour onto the conveyer. 
  • Feedback campaigns may require lifting up to 500-600 bags per shift.
  • Climbing: Frequently up metal steps 8-10” vertical over 100 per day using hand rails, carrying tools on occasion and inspecting machines and operations.  Also climbing when operating forklift.
  • Push/Pull: Frequently applying maximum force while adjusting the maneuvering bags on pallets and changing screens.
  • Squat/Kneel: Frequently while operating blend back system, placing and removing up to 60 lb bags from the pallets.
  • Reaching: Constantly to manually operate the machine and buttons and placing bags on the pallets, right, left, forward and overhead.
  • Grasping/Handling: Constantly requiring moderate to extreme forceful grip while lifting and manipulating bags as well as minor machine repair, pushing button controls, changing press belts and spray bars.
  • Static Bending: Frequently while performing daily duties.
  • Trunk Rotation: Frequently while performing daily duties.
  • Carrying: Frequently while performing daily duties.

Your spectrum of advantages

In the ALTANA Group, you will work in a unique culture of innovation where the utmost importance is attached to promoting individual ideas and abilities as well as open, trusting interaction. 

We invite you to get to know us better and to become part of our team. Discover your career plus in specialty chemistry. Please send us your application, preferably via our jobmarket

ALTANA AG and its subsidiaries is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, religion, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, status as a protected veteran, among other things, or status as a qualified individual with disability.

Job number: US00429

Legal entity: BYK USA Inc.

Location: Gonzales, TX

Area of operations: Produktion / Fertigung