Creative People and Perfectionists

At ALTANA, my abilities as a creative employee and a perfectionist complement one another perfectly.

I can be creative in the development of new projects and think about what strategy and thus what path we should pursue. At the same time, I’m a perfectionist regarding the application, in order to achieve the best result for the customer as quickly as possible.

Our Employees

Marcel Altenburg finished his training as a chemical production specialist at ALTANA and received additional training as a chemical technician. From a water-based coatings staff member, he became a project manager for in-mold labels and foil coatings.

Progress can only lead to lasting success if it rests on strong foundations. At ALTANA, this basis is created by our identity, our value system, and our competencies. We derive both strength and motivation from it. Our employees acknowledge this basis, interpret it, and live it in their everyday work. Here you will find our employees’ personal perceptions.

It was important to me to get very good training, and I was able to develop further here in the first three years. Also, I wanted to meet people I could work together with well and who promote trainees.

We prefer to give people freedom, even if there is the risk they will make a mistake now and then, because we can learn from our mistakes. “Experience is the best teacher.” Employees who think and act independently, including myself, cannot be fostered if mistakes are dealt with in an intolerant way. Mistakes should first be analyzed and then you should think together about how they can be avoided in the future. The learning process is more valuable than if I were always controlled or if I controlled my employees. When everyone is more independent, knows how much freedom they have and can assess how to avoid mistakes or risks, then worklife is calmer and more efficient than if I stood behind everyone and said “now you have to do it this way or that way.” ALTANA does not work in a directive way. Of course I have made mistakes, but my superiors dealt with them in a serious yet open way.

I really like working with my colleagues here. Cross-divisional collaboration and a willingness to communicate are called for and fostered at ALTANA (for example, there is an Innovation Conference with colleagues from across the globe). ALTANA gives you freedom; I can make my own decisions on many things. Naturally, certain targets are specified, but each employee has a lot of freedom to decide him- or herself how to best achieve these goals.

I started my training at ALTANA when I was very young, so for me personally it’s very important to have the opportunity to develop further that ALTANA offers. I started out receiving training to become a chemical production specialist, and now I am a project manager for in-mold labels and foil coatings in research and development, where I oversee my own projects. When the company thrives, we thrive too.