Employees and Entrepreneurs

At ALTANA, my abilities as an employee and and an entrepreneur complement one another perfectly. As an employee I am part of something bigger. At the same time, however, each employee is also an entrepreneur who pursues and realizes his or her own goals and projects.

It’s fun to participate in the company’s success and be actively involved in it, with the corresponding trust that ALTANA places in us. ALTANA is like a big family, a unit, and every single staff member is part of it.

Progress can only lead to lasting success if it rests on strong foundations. At ALTANA, this basis is created by our identity, our value system, and our competencies. We derive both strength and motivation from it. Our employees acknowledge this basis, interpret it, and live it in their everyday work. Here you will find our employees’ personal perceptions.

Common values are the most important yardstick that the companies, the Group, and each individual gear themselves to. ALTANA has clear principles, and the company stands behind them. We are agile, integrating, and create value.

These Guiding Principles are not only written down on paper: We live them at ALTANA. ALTANA does a lot for its employees, in my opinion more than other employers. For example, there are many further education and training possibilities. ALTANA invests a lot in its employees, seeing them as an important part of its success strategy. We employees are the focal point. ALTANA’s staff members enable the company to reach customers. There are philosophies that are lived out very clearly in this way.

ALTANA connects – through a feeling of community we want to grow together. And each individual makes his or her contribution! I personally strive to do the best possible work to benefit my employer and all of my colleagues. 

The company needs innovative and creative employees. This is specifically formulated in our goals. ALTANA always looks for the best applicants, but they’re not always the people with the best grades. Our task is to get a feeling for employees, to develop and motivate them. It is important to us that our employees like ALTANA, that they stay with the company, and that they are given every opportunity to participate in the company’s success!