Individualists and Team Players

... but boy was I able to! At ALTANA, my abilities as an individualist and a team player complement one another perfectly. The team idea and cooperation are writ large. Nevertheless, I have enough possibilities to take my own path and live out my individuality.

In our lab we have to work as a team; you won’t get anywhere alone. Especially when you work in development, where you have new products and you have to assess development technologies – you always have to have contact with various departments. In the lab itself, we stick together – that’s normal. Everyone has his or her own little individual products, but ultimately you function together in a team.

Our Employees

Dr. Ulrich Schmidt finished high school and then studied at the University of Würzburg. Having received a degree in chemistry, he embarked on his career at ECKART. Alongside his first time at ECKART he completed simultaneously his doctorate, focusing on organometallic chemistry. This was a very exiting but also challenging time for him.

After her vocational training, Ms. Engelbrecht initially worked as a chemical laboratory assistant at the Center for Dioxin Analysis in Bayreuth. Since 2007, she has been doing pearlescent research at ECKART.

Progress can only lead to lasting success if it rests on strong foundations. At ALTANA, this basis is created by our identity, our value system, and our competencies. We derive both strength and motivation from it. Our employees acknowledge this basis, interpret it, and live it in their everyday work. Here you will find our employees’ personal perceptions.

You need to have a certain farsightedness: you can’t have your sights set only on your idea. When someone needs help, you have see this and come to their assistance. And to work in a team, you have to be someone who seeks harmony. You have to fit into the group, including on a personal level.

I have a lot of room to act and make decisions because I oversee my own projects and perform tasks under my own responsibility. Subsequently I inform my superiors about my work with progress reports. 

Everyone has his or her own projects. They have to gain a profound understanding of the subject matter and do a great deal. But you have to stand behind them so they can progress. 70% in the team and 30% individually! We don’t sit in front of the PC every day, and not every colleague has his or her own office. Instead, we all sit in a large, open-plan laboratory area. So you quickly get a feeling for, say, when a colleague is stressed. Then you automatically lend a hand to create a good atmosphere. Also, there are weekly group updates where you can present your idea. And every two weeks there is a larger group update where two groups meet; you can present your idea again and good, new ideas are added to it. If the idea makes sense and is good, you get the green light and it is implemented.

The clear plus is that you are not only part of a team, but you also have the opportunity to become actively involved yourself and show your own strengths and responsibilities. Working together to achieve more! When there is a balance between individuality and teamwork, you can achieve the maximum for the company.