Newcomers and Discoverers

At ALTANA, my abilities as a newcomer and a discoverer complement one another perfectly. Although I’m still at the beginning of my career, I can already do my own research. I discover something new every day.

One of my tasks is to oversee a test facility. I’m basically in a transitional zone. On the one hand, I’m a developer, and on the other I serve clients. My work consists of making discoveries on a small scale and of examining what happens when something is not rooted in basic research.

Our Employees

After finishing high school, she completed a bachelor’s degree in chemistry at the University of Hamburg. Ms. Oks wrote her master’s thesis at ELANTAS Europe, where she is currently working on the doctorate she began in 2013.

Progress can only lead to lasting success if it rests on strong foundations. At ALTANA, this basis is created by our identity, our value system, and our competencies. We derive both strength and motivation from it. Our employees acknowledge this basis, interpret it, and live it in their everyday work. Here you will find our employees’ personal perceptions.

I can experience these possibilities, particularly from my former manager. I gain further insight into the coding, and not only at the Hamburg site. For example, yesterday I had talks with two ladies from ALTANA in higher management positions. I was permitted to interview them about their fields of work. I learned, for instance, how the colleagues reconcile their jobs with their families and about their personal perceptions of ALTANA. It’s great to be offered such an opportunity and to build networks in the company.

ALTANA’s employees have a huge amount of freedom, and there is great appreciation for our work. ALTANA promotes talent and appreciation is a great motivator. Thus, each employee knows that his or her contribution is important and that he or she is heard.

I have that every day. This is reflected by the fact that I can plan my worktime flexibly and adapt it to the business hours of colleagues in other countries. I can talk on the phone with Asian colleagues in the morning, with European colleagues in the middle of the day, and with American colleagues in the evening. I answer emails accordingly – I always have the opportunity to communicate with someone. I don’t find this annoying, because people don’t hold it against me when I don’t answer immediately.

People treat each other well here. Others listen to me and my suggestions are examined and I’m given feedback, no matter whether the ideas are good or bad. I’m particularly pleased about the fact that the good ideas are implemented often. I’m still in a low-level position, but I already have a lot of influence right now.