Annette Lampe

Division:Group Holding      
Company:ALTANA AG            
Role:Head of Personnel Development
Has been with the company since:11/2000

Please give us some insights into your professional experiences to date
After the Abitur (12 or 13-year diploma), it was clear that I would do a travel agent apprenticeship at a tour operator for study trips. However, I first went to France as an au pair for one year before I started the two-and-a-half-year apprenticeship.

I learned a great deal in the medium-sized company - also after the apprenticeship. My boss at the time was always willing to support me in the learning process and was more than happy to answer any questions and responded in a detailed manner. I was sometimes "thrown into the deep end of the pool", but looking back, it was a great learning experience.

My task was to organize worldwide study trips. This also involved accompanying the travel groups occasionally. I was thus able to get to know numerous countries, e.g. Tunisia, Mexico, Russia and Canada.

After six years, I went to work for a large corporate group as an assistant in Logistics. Bureaucratic structures, limited opportunities to have an input into the decision-making process and decisions that were not always comprehensible were truly a culture shock to me after my time in a small company with a staff of 20. But I learned a lot there as well - which, in turn, later proved to be an important basis for my professional development.

I joined the team of BYK-Chemie GmbH in November 2000. The structures and opportunities of a medium-sized company (not too small, not too big) were particularly appealing to me.

Which positions have you held so far at ALTANA?
I started at BYK-Chemie GmbH in Wesel in November 2000 as a staff member in training and continuing education. My responsibilities included coordinating and organizing continuing education and training at the Wesel site. This also involved recruiting new apprentices.

As the company grew, my role began to be subject to ongoing change. For example, the topics became increasingly more international and the issues were increasingly more often applicable across sites.

In 2006, I moved to ALTANA Holding as the head of Personnel Development. My current responsibilities include the ALTANA continuing education portfolio, respective topics in the area of training, the personnel development programs MDP and DP Germany as well as all other personnel development topics that extend across segments. The project work makes my job particularly diverse and interesting, for example, revising the annual employee dialog (progress dialogue) or currently the mission statement.

How would you desribe your personnel development at ALTANA?
My development was possible thanks to the faith that my superiors placed in me. A healthy sense of curiosity and an interest in multifaceted tasks supported my professional development. I was always able to gain experience and learn a great deal in the process. I also capitalized on opportunities to participate in seminars or conventions.

Which international experiences have you collected to date? 
Internationality was always very important to me. I enjoy working together with people from different cultures. Time spent abroad in France, numerous trips as a travel agent and currently interacting with ALTANA colleagues all around the world have always made this possible, which brings me great joy.