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ALTANA Global Purchasing is focused on following major items:

Raw material groups
  • Alcohols (e.g. Neopentylglycol NPG)
  • Anhydrides (e.g. Dodecenyl Sussinic Anhydride DDSA, Maleic Anhydride MSA, Trimellitic Anhydride TMA)
  • Catalysts based on metals (e.g. Pt, Sn, Ti, Zn)
  • Cresylics (e.g. m-/ p-Cresol, Phenol, Mesitol, Xylenols)
  • Esters (e.g. Dimethylterephthalat DMT)
  • Epoxy Resins (solid/ liquid, chlorine-poor)
  • Isocyanates (e.g. MDIs, TDIs)
  • Melamine Resins
  • Non-ferrous metals
  • Pigments (organic/ anorganic powders and pastes)
  • Polyether (e.g. Polyglycols, Polypropyleneglycols)
  • Polyvinyls (various types w/o PVC and PTFE)
  • Pyrrolidones (e.g. NEP; NMP etc.)
  • Silicones/ Silicone Compounds (e.g. Hexamethyldisiloxan, Tetraaethoxysilicat)
  • Solvents (e.g. Solvent Naphthas, Xylene)
  • Styrene Acrylates
  • UV-Monomeres/ Oligomer Mixtures (e.g. TMPTA, TPGDA)
  • Waxes (e.g. FT-, PE- and PTFE- Waxes)