Leadership Guidelines

Our leadership culture is based on our values: appreciation, openness, empowerment to act, and trust.
These guidelines serve as the benchmark for our managers’ interaction with their staff. Based on these guidelines, our employees can be assured that leadership at ALTANA follows clear and binding principles – regardless of the respective superior.

Providing orientation
We are role models for our employees. We practice what we expect from our employees. We actively shape the company’s long-term success. We regard necessary changes as an opportunity.

We regularly communicate our corporate goals to our employees and highlight their individual contribution to achieving these goals.
By organizing our area of responsibility in a straightforward and transparent manner, we ensure a clear allocation of responsibilities.

Assuming responsibility
We bear the consequences of our actions. Based on our corporate goals, we take on responsibility for the tasks assigned to us and for our employees’ actions.

We practice open, clear and direct communication across organizational boundaries.
We regularly inform our employees about all developments that are relevant to them. Every employee has the right and duty to ask for and obtain the information they require for their work.

Taking decisions
We take clear decisions within an appropriate time frame. We consider all important facts and points of view during the decision-making process.
When we lack sufficient decision-making authority on a certain issue, we take the initiative in order to bring about a decision.
We stand by our decisions and communicate them to our employees. Decisions are jointly implemented.
Regular dialogue is a key element of successful human resources development.

Developing employees
We recognize our employees’ achievements.
By delegating tasks, we encourage our employees to take on responsibility and further their career development. We give them the necessary decision-making authority while taking into account their individual skills. We ensure that our employees develop their skills further.
Regular dialogue is a key element of successful human resources development.

Shaping cooperation
We work together with our staff in a spirit of respect and partnership. We create a trusting environment in order to make our joint work a success.
We openly address different expectations and find a common solution. We resolve conflict in a constructive manner and use it as an opportunity to further improve cooperation.
When selecting employees, we focus not only on their technical skills but also on their personal aptitude. By fostering diversity in our teams, we can be sure of achieving the best results.
We deal constructively with mistakes and regard them as an opportunity to make improvements. We develop measures to prevent mistakes from occurring again.

Creating work environment
We provide suitable work tools and equipment and ensure a safe work environment in cooperation with our staff.
We promote preventive health measures.

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