Printing the Unprintable

HELIOSONIC printing technology creates new potential for industrial digital printing and significantly improves the use of resources.

The demands placed on industrial printing are growing. For example, products are being designed more individually and technical guidelines or framework conditions are being worked out in greater detail. Thus efficient, flexible, and adaptable solutions are needed to meet customer requirements. HELIOSONIC printing technology, consisting of a print head and printing material, combines these requirements in one technology, enabling our customers to achieve growth and savings potential.

Technical product details: print head (Video)

Product Properties

The HELIOSONIC print head can be adapted to individual production requirements.
Customers benefit from these product features, which are currently unique on the market:

  • Printing speed of up to 20 m/min
  • Print head width of 180 mm
  • Stitching and parallelization to expand the print width in 180 mm steps and increase the print speed
  • Multicolor printing through multiple print heads
  • Ink film thickness of up to 40 ┬Ám wet
  • Resolution up to 600x600 dpi
  • No particle size restrictions
  • Viscosity up to 100 times higher than inkjet
  • Can be used in UV, solvent, and water systems

Ink application areas


Inks: Metallic effects, pearlescent, black, haptic effects
Applications: Labels, Folding boxes, Aluminum coils, Pharmaceutical products, Flexible packaging, Corrugated cardboard


Inks: Effect coatings
Applications: Leather, Fabric



Inks: Effect coatings
Applications: Cars, Aircraft, Trains, Buses


Inks: Silver, copper, carbon, adhesives, dielectrics
Applications: RFID antennas, PCBs, Solar cells, Sensors, Thermal coatings



Inks: Flop, Metallic effects, pearlescent, signature mixtures
Applications: Tickets, Revenue stamps, Banknotes, Anti-counterfeiting labels


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