The ALTANA Innovation Award

Future growth can only be achieved by innovation. 

Therefore, ALTANA honors the best innovation in the company with the anual ALTANA Innovation Award.

Key criteria

  • Each year one innovation will be selected and honored.
  • Only suggestions which can already document significant sales will be considered.
  • The innovation can be related to a new product, process, application or service.

Further Criteria

Innovative concept

  • Does the innovation offer value to any coustomer?

Originality and Creativity

  • How does the innovation set itself apart from the state-of-the-art?
  • Can the innovation be patented and has this been done already?
  • How creative was the approach i.e. extension of existing know-how or radically new idea?


  • Was the innovation process within time and budget?
  • Were multidisciplinary teams involved?
  • Was more than one division involved?

Economical benefit for ALTANA

  • Product: Current sales, market potential, expected market share in 5 years, EBITDA
  • Process: Annual savings, initial investment

Ecological Advantages

  • What is the impact of the innovation with respect to consumption of raw materials, energy, recycling, side products, environmental risks?