ALTANA Innovation Council

Forward thinking as a team

To support an effificient and forward-looking innovation process at ALTANA, there is the ALTANA Innovation Council on an inter-divisional basis.

Its members are (from left to right):

  • Dr. Peter Jenkner (CTO, ACTEGA)
  • Dr. Christian Przybyla (CTO, ELANTAS)
  • Dr. Harald Weiß (CTO, ECKART)
  • Dr. Jürgen Omeis (Head of Science Relation, ALTANA)
  • Dr. Christoph Schlünken (Management Board, ALTANA)
  • Dr. Horst Sulzbach (CTO, BYK)

If the Council is to act as a central platform for sharing information and experience across the ALTANA companies and divisions, its main task is to sound out the latest developments in the fields of science and technology and, of course, on the markets themselves.

It will also serve to discuss ways of effectively implementing innovation at ALTANA and in the divisions, perhaps independently so. As such, the Innovation Council will develop networks in which employees, customers, representatives from non-chemical companies and indeed our customers‘ customers can come together to generate creative ideas and analyze them from a "marketability" point of view. Ultimately, the Council is aiming to establish an atmosphere for joint forward thinking as an indispensable ingredient in our innovation culture.

The main pillars at the ALTANA Innovation Council are: the ALTANA Innovation Community with its annual ALTANA Innovation Conference and the various workgroups given over to innovation support, core competence and new technologies. While the former is devoted to the network, the latter focuses on expertise.