Personnel Development in Innovation

In the face of global competition, it is becoming more and more important to have well qualified staff. And ALTANA knows that its staff is the key to success. Human resources development programs should be regarded as strategic investments in the future, not only when business is going well, but especially in times of crisis. If ALTANA wants to remain competitive in the future and overcome new challenges, we have to continue paying a great deal of attention to staff training and development.

At ALTANA innovation is more than the sum of its parts
Furthermore, growth at our company has always been and always will be driven by innovation. In order to continue promoting synergies in the field of innovation and reinforce the ALTANA Group’s potential for innovation, we are also making employee development one of our main focuses. Ultimately, we need a committed and highly qualified workforce if we are to utilize our knowledge of innovative technologies, global markets, technical applications and processes precisely where it is needed. We have set ourselves the goal of actively promoting cooperation and exchange of information between our various research and development facilities. This exchange helps to make knowledge acquired in one division available to the others. The key feature of ALTANA's culture of innovation is a networked, cross-divisional way of thinking and acting, which can utilize to fully exploit the existing synergies. This is precisely where the Cross-Divisional Development Program Innovation is intended to bring its benefits, to continue promoting the culture of innovation.

CDDP Innovation: Portrait of the HR program
In view of the importance of both innovation and human resources development, ALTANA started a new internal development program in mid-2009. The “Cross-Divisional Development Program Innovation” (“CDDP Innovation” for short) is aimed at especially talented, capable and hard-working upcoming employees with a background in the natural sciences. The various different project activities in the area of innovation both in Germany and abroad should prepare the program’s participants to take on new tasks. In addition, there will be a particular focus on promoting cross-divisional thought and action, along with more intensive transfer of international expertise and knowledge. The program is designed to run for 24 months. In contrast to the regional DPs and the MDP, the CDDP Innovation is associated with transfer to a new position in the company. Current vacancies are announced internally in job ads published within the ALTANA Group. Any ALTANA employee can apply for these posts if they have the qualifications described in the job description. The Corporate Innovation and Corporate HR units of ALTANA AG will identify suitable candidates in individual structured interviews with the applicants. 

Qualification modules
The CDDP Innovation is characterized by a range of qualification modules. For example, we plan to have at least three different project activities in Germany and/or other countries, information-finding visits to a diverse selection of companies to introduce the participants to organizational units and contact persons, various further training seminars (e.g. project management and communication) and various networking events within the company (e.g. active participation in the annual innovation conference).

Why might the CDDP Innovation be of interest to me?
The CDDP Innovation offers the participants an opportunity to prepare for additional responsibilities in the company, familiarize themselves with various functions and divisions, build up a broad network within the company, and acquire deeper knowledge of the field of innovation.

What happens to the participants after completing the CDDP Innovation?
Once participants have completed the internal development program they will be transferred to new positions within the ALTANA Group. The persons responsible for the program and the Executive Management Team will check which positions might be suitable for the participants, taking into account their qualifications and skills, and the staffing needs of the individual divisions within the ALTANA Group. This process will be initiated around six months before the program finishes. Corporate Innovation and Corporate HR hope that this internal development program will continue to promote human resources development among our employees and encourage cross-divisional thought and action.

”This program should be especially interesting to our colleagues in research, who may have less of a commercial background, because it focuses both on various aspects of creativity and on the commercial marketing of innovative ideas. This also applies in particular in relation to the suggestion from the ALTANA Group’s research units that we use the information gained from the employee survey to identify more specific training and development opportunities.”
(Jörg Bauer, Vice President Human Resources, ALTANA AG)