ACTEGA Artística leading environmentally friendly solutions

An increasing number of companies are taking the decision to use water-based sealing compounds (WBC)- instead of solvent-containing products (SBC) - as sealant for metal cans. The change from WBC to SBC involves some feeding, lining and drying equipment changes which means an investment for the can-maker. This trend has prompted the sealants manufacturer ACTEGA Artística to launch new equipment on the market as a complement to its tried and tested water-based can sealants. Artística has thus repositioned itself as a supplier of innovative lining solutions. ACTEGA Artística is part of the ALTANA division ACTEGA.

Among the equipment now available are stirrers and pumps, central feeding systems, injection guns, carbide nozzles and needles, and a newly developed post-heater, which integrates perfectly with the converted production line. It can be easily adapted for stationary or rotary liners, handles up to 400 ends a minute per channel and can be used for any different end diameter - technical properties which are, alongside the cost advantages, important conditions for the successful conversion to water-based sealants.

Beside the positive environmental aspects, there are also key commercial and technical benefits to conversion, the upshot being that a changeover to water-based sealants is in demand from can manufacturers outside of Europe (where WBCs are already widely used).

Artística supports customers in the decision-making process by providing careful analysis of all the conversion options available and detailed, tailored proposals specific to products and production equipment.