ALTANA Observes the Smallest Detail: Shares in Innovative Nanotechnology Enterprise

ALTANA systematically extends its innovative engagement with a new and exclusive partnership with the American corporation Nanophase Technologies. Nanophase is among the leading enterprises in nanotechnology; together with ALTANA it plans to develop new paints, coatings and plastics.

Nanotechnology deals with minute structures along the lines of less than 100 nanometers, structures that influence the properties of materials and surfaces even in these tiny dimensions - there are a million nanometers in a millimeter. For chemistry this means the possibility of producing more functional or even entirely new products.

A prime example for the application of nanotechnology is the coating of PET bottles, making them considerably less permeable. Carbon dioxide, flavors and gases stay thus stay in the bottle - guaranteeing that sodas taste the way they should.

As part of its activities in the specialty chemicals business this enables ALTANA to further optimize the surface properties of coatings, plastics and electrical insulations. Studies have already shown that nanomaterials have clear innovation and growth potential, especially when it comes to coatings.

Nanophase Technologies offers nanotechnological products for various industrial purposes, e.g., nanoparticles of different composites, coated nanoparticles and nanoparticle dispersions. Nanophase's success is reflected in its numerous patents, both American and international. ALTANA now holds 7 % of Nanophase Technologies and has exclusive access to its technology within the field of application for the next eight years. The first products from this new cooperation are supposed to be introduced towards the end of 2004.