Aug 10, 2011

ACTEGA DS: New partner for PVC-free lids

Bremen, July 2011 – PROVALIN®, the PVC- and plasticizer-free closure sealing compound for glass containers, is now also used by natural food supplier Bruno Fischer.
Bruno Fischer is one of the first companies in the natural food sector to opt for environmentally-friendly lids without PVC or plasticizers which it now applies for its range of spreads.
Ever since the natural food movement started in the 1980s, the company has represented a modern “supplier of natural food”. The key to success has always been in its innovative range policy and consistent quality management.
With the aim of supplying health-conscious consumers with delicious, varied and pure food, high-quality products are offered from certified organic farming without genetic engineering in the natural food trade.
By introducing these new sealing rings, an additional advantage is guaranteed in terms of food safety as jar contents can no longer be infiltrated by platicizers.
The new PVC-free lids can be distinguished on retail shelves by their green “PVC-free lid” logo. When the product is open, they can be recognized by their blue sealing compound. Available in retail trade as of August.

The ACTEGA group belongs to ALTANA AG. The ACTEGA Coatings & Sealants Product Division develops and produces coatings and sealants for the packaging and graphic arts industries. These products lend an attractive appearance to materials such as paper, paper board, plastic and metal. They also provide clearly defined chemical and physical properties to the materials' surface.

Graphic arts: The main customer for the products developed, manufactured and sold by ACTEGA is the packaging industry. ACTEGA is the market leader in overprint varnishes and is the technological leader in the rapidly expanding sector of water-based sealants for flexible packaging. In this connection, ACTEGA products not only ensure that the packaging will look appealing, but also that the contents will remain fresh longer.

Converting specialties: ACTEGA is already the world’s leading vendor of sealants for closures and glass containers; ACTEGA is the technological leader when it comes to water-based sealants for cans. These products are used to make seals between the contact surfaces, such as glass on metal (bottle closures) or metal on metal (can lids). They ensure that the contents and other substances such as CO2 remain inside the packaging, and any contaminants remain outside.

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