Wesel, November 14, 2006

ALTANA Electrical Insulation Announces Price Increase in Europe

ALTANA Electrical Insulation, a Division of ALTANA Chemie AG, is announcing price increases for its wire enamel product line in Europe of 7 to 8% starting February 1, 2007 or as contracts allows. The price increase is to offset increases in raw material costs and operational costs such as energy, environmental, legal and regulatory compliance. This price adjustment will allow ALTANA Electrical Insulation and its affiliates to continue to offer the high performance of products and services that the customers expect.








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At present the ALTANA Chemie Group has 34 production facilities and 42 service and research laboratories worldwide. Throughout the group about 4400 people work to ensure the success of ALTANA Chemie worldwide. ALTANA Chemie expects to achieve sales revenues significantly above 1 billion euros. Its impressive earning power and high growth rate make ALTANA Chemie one of the most successful and innovative chemical groups worldwide.


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