Wesel, September 27, 2004

AQUACER® 526 - Wax Emulsion for the Orientation of Effect Pigments in Water-Based Paint Systems

BYK-Chemie introduces AQUACER® 526, the first wax emulsion for effect pigment orientation in water-based systems. This new additive is based on a modified ethylene-vinyl-acetate-co-polymer (EVA), which has proved itself in solvent-based systems.

AQUACER® 526 shows strong improvements on the orientation of effect pigments. The improvement of the metallic orientation results from the bridging between effect pigments, resin and wax particles.

Due to this bridging effect, AQUACER® 526 is able to prevent agglomerate formation and settling of the aluminium flakes or mica particles during the drying process; the orientation of the effect pigment will be improved.

AQUACER® 526 prevents mottling and provides an excellent Flip-Flop appearance.

AQUACER® 526 shows good efficiency in low and high co-solvent systems.

It has no negative influence on chemical resistance.

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