Wesel, February 14, 2006

BYK-Chemie employee receives recognition from the Aachen Textile Center

Prize winners of the Textile Award 2005 officially recognized

End of November 2005 three graduates of the Aachen Textile Research Institute and the University of the Lower Rhine, who completed their studies with either a diploma or doctorate of special scientific quality, interdisciplinarity or great practical relevance, were honored in front of the 400+ people attending the 32nd Aachen Textile Conference.

In the area of synthetic polymer chemistry, Dr. René Nagelsdiek from BYK-Chemie received the Textile Award 2005 for his doctoral thesis on the manufacture of defined polymer structures by means of “atom transfer radical polymerization”.

Nagelsdiek succeeded, in collaboration with the research center caesar (Center of Advanced European Studies and Research), in generating reactive polymers, which could be cross-linked with UV light and so be anchored permanently on surfaces – allowing finishing chemicals etc. to also be fixed to these reactive polymers. Through the use of masks in the UV cross-linking process it was also possible to produce microstructures and patterns with further functionalization. One possible application of this method is the creation of textile surfaces that repel water or dirt, as required, or are antimicrobial.

Dr. Jürgen Omeis, Head of R&D at BYK-Chemie, is delighted with the success of his young colleague: “Dr. Nagelsdiek, who only recently joined us at Wesel, already represents a valuable addition to our research team. We are proud to have among our ranks an award-winner who has involved himself so intensively with basic research and, in doing so, has developed a new process for manufacturing crosslinkable prepolymers.“

Nagelsdieck took the position of Laboratory Manager at BYK-Chemie since the start of November 2005 specializing in new polymerization technologies. He studied at the RWTH Aachen (Rheinland-Westphalia Technical University) from 1996 to 2002, where he earned a doctorate in 2005 from the Department of Textile and Macromolecular Chemistry. His doctoral thesis entailed intensive study of controlled radical polymerization techniques and he completed his PhD in September last year.

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