Wesel, August 30, 2004

BYK-Chemie enters thermoplastics market

BYK-Chemie presents high-performance wetting and dispersing additives for color masterbatches.

The company is launching three new wetting and dispersing additives on the market of thermoplastics additives. These additives are intended to be used in the preparation of color masterbatches. The highly functionalized copolymers of the DISPERPLAST® series are not comparable with standard waxes or metal soaps as they do not act as lubricants but adhere efficiently to the pigment surface.

  • DISPERPLAST®-1010 has been developed to meet the needs of manufacturers of masterbatches for cast film and thin-walled injection-molded articles by enhancing color strength and reducing pigment agglomerates.

  • DISPERPLAST®-1011 additionally reduces filter pressure values as required by manufacturers of masterbatches for fibers and blown film.

  • DISPERPLAST®-1012 is a throughput-optimized additive for standard masterbatches as found for example in injection-molding or blow-molding applications.

These three new DISPERPLAST® additives will be presented at the K 2004 fair at the BYK-Chemie booth (hall 05, J/42), where experts from the relevant industry will be available for discussions.

About BYK-Chemie:

BYK-Chemie is one of the World's Leading Suppliers of Additives used in the Coatings, Inks, and Plastics Industry.

Approximately 85 % of our sales are generated by exports. Our major export markets are Europe, the United States and the Far East.

Chemical additives are used by processing industries in the production of coatings, inks, and plastics. In very small quantities, BYK additives simplify manufacturing processes, and significantly improve the quality of finished goods, such as motor vehicles and furniture. BYK‑Chemie is a member of ALTANA Chemie AG, Wesel. ALTANA Chemie is developing and producing high quality, innovative products in the sector of specialty chemicals.

BYK-Chemie has been producing additives since 1962 in Wesel. Today it employs over 881 people worldwide, 25 % of whom work in research and development departments or technical laboratories.

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