Wesel, June 23, 2008

BYK completes REACH pre-registration within only four days.

Wesel, June 23, 2008: BYK is one of the first companies in the chemical sector to complete the official pre-registration within the framework of the REACH regulation.

Only four days after the start of the pre-registration phase on June 1, 2008, BYK was able to complete the complex undertaking as early as June 4. “For our customers this means maximum and earliest possible certainty that our products remain available as normal,” Dr. Gerald Kirchner, Head of Product Development at BYK, explains.

REACH, the European chemicals regulation, has been in force since June 1, 2007. It implies registration, evaluation and authorization of produced and imported chemicals at the new European chemicals agency ECHA, based in Helsinki. This allows all the relevant information about the chemicals found on the European market to be collected and assessed centrally.

All in all, around 70 of BYK’s own manufactured products with an annual tonnage in excess of one tonne are affected by REACH. The rest of the schedule for REACH does not envisage the actual registration of the products until several years ahead. It will take place, based upon the quantities produced, between 2010 and 2018. BYK can reliably make use of the transition periods applicable, because all necessary steps for pre-registration have been undertaken.

From the very beginning, BYK has been engaged intensively with the new European chemicals regulation. The company has expressly declared its support for the REACH principle of the individual responsibility of producers and importers. In 2003 and 2004/2005, BYK was already proactive in putting the implementation of the regulation to the test in North Rhine-Westphalia or on Europe based simulations, in its role as both a manufacturer and a downstream-user of chemicals. In doing so, it was able to gain important knowledge for the actual implementation. Internally, BYK also set up its own REACH working group to accompany the project.

Customers of the company have been able to receive up-to date information on REACH repeatedly since August 2006, in numerous BYK seminars and workshops. “We are not only attracting wide interest from European customers, but also from Asian and American customers,” Dr. Gerald Kirchner reports.