June 29, 2010

BYK makes paper surfaces more scratch resistant

A newly developed measuring method from BYK makes it possible to highlight connections and causes of paper surface marking and, by means of a suitable addition of additives to the paper coating, to increase the scratch resistance of the paper surface.

The scratch resistance of the paper surface is an important and, at the same time, difficult topic. Often the paper surface is damaged on feeding the sheet in the cross cutter. It is particularly with the converting of matt paper, dark-stained paper, and boxboard that converters are confronted with this problem. A widespread approach toward reducing such susceptibility to marking is to run the cross cutter more slowly. Various technical installations are also performed to limit this problem.

BYK has succeeded in working out the physical factors affecting the scratch resistance of paper not just for matt papers but also in the semi-gloss and glossy papers segment. This new measuring method allows the consequences of damage to be simulated in the lab and the coating formula to be improved for marking susceptibility. This relates to both gloss marking and the pressure mottling that can result from the gloss. The new measuring method helps the causes of damage to be evaluated and tailored approaches to be derived from this. The resistance to marking is considerably improved by using additives in the coating formulation.

The performance additives AQUACER® 2500 and AQUACER® D 270 and the nanotechnology additive NANOBYK®-3600 increase the process resistance and, with it, the scratch resistance of paper surfaces:

• AQUACER® 2500 enhances the surface structure, reduces the microroughness, and improves the local friction. In addition, the local printability differences are reduced.

• AQUACER® D 270 protects sensitive structures such as color pigments and matt coatings from damage.

• NANOBYK®-3600 is especially suitable for protecting high-quality photographic paper and coated packaging.

BYK Additives & Instruments will be presenting its solutions at this year’s Zellcheming EXPO from June 29 till July 1, 2010 in Hall 3, Booth 308, in Wiesbaden.