Wesel/Germany, August 27, 2010

BYK presents innovative solutions for the plastic industry

At the K Fair in Düsseldorf/Germany from October 27th to November 3rd, BYK will present innovative additive solutions for the plastic industry in Hall 5, Stand E18

At this year’s K Fair, the focus will be on

  • reducing odors,
  • optimizing processes, and
  • pigment dispersing.

In automobile manufacturing, many standard parts previously made of metal or glass were replaced with plastic parts in recent years. The residual monomers and impurities as well as the decomposition or oxidation of the polyolefin compounds used lead to the emission of odors and VOC contamination. BYK®-P 4200 is an innovative stripping agent, which eliminates these emissions efficiently. This additive is easy to use and does not require further investments in machines etc. It also does not affect the properties of the finished part in any way.

To remain competitive today, efficient and cost-effective production procedures are a must. BYK®-P 4100, BYK®-P 4101, and BYK®-P 4102 are highly effective additives, which aid process optimization for highly filled compounds. The extruder throughput is increased as a result of better wetting of fillers and pigments as well as lower temperatures and filter pressure values. At the same time, the product significantly improves the mechanical properties of the finished part without impacting its appearance. Thus the process becomes more efficient while the quality remains just as high.

The dispersing and stabilization of pigments for optimal exploitation of the color potential is a challenge. Time and shear forces are limited, especially in the extruder. DISPERPLAST®-1018 and BYK®-P 4102 for solid master batches and BYKOPLAST®-1000 for liquid master batches are highly effective dispersing additives with a low melting point and ideal viscosity profile. They provide perfect pigment wetting, absorb at the pigment surface and thus increase color strength. At the same time, they improve process properties.

Contrary to commonly used waxes, stearates, or lubricants, these additives do not migrate to the surface.

Plastisoles produced with BYK®-P 4100 for PVC feature great release properties with release papers and metal surfaces (e.g. for drum gelling, rotational molding and dip coatings). If BYK®-P 4100 is used in the manufacture of calender foils, it facilitates processing and allows for better wetting and printability of foils. Its outstanding effectiveness even makes it possible to significantly reduce the amount of additives used – depending on the particular application – compared to the amounts used for other standard products. This makes BYK®-P 4100 an interesting alternative, not only technically but also economically.

BYK will also present new and innovative solutions for the processing and property improvement of thermoset materials at the K Fair. This includes additives for ambient curing systems on the basis of unsaturated polyester and epoxy resins, SMC / BMC applications as well as polyurethane castings and elastomers.