Wesel, June 24, 2008

BYK with new solutions at the Asia Pacific Coatings Show

Wesel, June 24, 2008:  At this year’s APCS in Kuala Lumpur from June 24 to
June 26, BYK will be presenting innovative solutions. One focus will be on BYK’s
rheology additives and NANOBYK® UV absorbers.
New liquid rheology additives
With BYK®-430, BYK provides a highly effective, easy-to-handle rheology additive
especially suited for solvent-borne epoxy primers and high-build coatings with dry
film thickness from 300 μm to 1000 μm. BYK®-430, supplied as a liquid, needs only
one step for incorporation. Even at low temperatures and low shear incorporation,
it shows a strong rheology effect. An excellent improvement of sag control is
guaranteed due to fast viscosity recovery after shear thinning during application.
Post-addition is possible for final viscosity adjustment.
BYK®-431 is also supplied as a liquid and has comparable advantages to
BYK®-430, though it can be used in more systems of varying polarity. This makes it
the perfect choice for automotive, industrial and architectural coatings as well as
pigment concentrates. 

First rheology modifying wax additive
BYK developed a totally new wax emulsion controlling the rheology of effect
pigment coatings that consequently delivered excellent optical performance. The
action of AQUATIX 8421 is so powerful that no extra rheology modifier is needed.
At the same time, AQUATIX 8421 reduces cloudiness and mottling, is liquid and
easy to use. 

UV-protection with nanotechnology
BYK enlarged its product portfolio with new NANOBYK® additives for aqueous and
solvent-borne coatings.
NANOBYK®-3821 and NANOBYK®-3841 are UV absorbers containing ZnO
particles of 20 nm and 40 nm respectively. The solvent in both additives is
methoxypropylacetate. Main application fields are wood, furniture and industrial
coatings. NANOBYK®-3842 is made with 40 nm ZnO particles diluted in aliphatic
hydrocarbons and is therefore suitable for wood care applications.
NANOBYK®-3810 and NANOBYK®-3812 are the first cerium oxide nanoparticle
dispersions under the BYK brand. NANOBYK®-3810 and NANOBYK®-3812 are
recommended for wood-care applications. NANOBYK®-3810 is used in aqueous
systems while NANOBYK®-3812 is the right additive for solvent-borne systems.