Wesel, September 3, 2007

BYK with new solutions at the K 2007

At the K-fair in Düsseldorf from October 24 - 31, BYK will be presenting three new solutions for the plastics industry in hall 5, booth 5J42.


Odor and emissions (VOCs) of polyolefin compounds are often a concern, particularly for applications in automotive interiors. The origin of these emissions is often small amounts of volatile components that are formed during the processing of thermoplastics. To significantly reduce VOC levels and odor, BYK has developed a new type of stripping agent: BYK®-P 4200.

BYK®-P 4200 is an easy-to-handle granulate material, which is simply added in the compounding step (extruder). No further processing step is required. The effectiveness of BYK®-P 4200 surpasses conventional solutions (e.g. adsorbents).


The second highlight is BYK®-P 4101: It is a polymeric process additive for improving the processing characteristics and the physical properties of filled thermoplastic compounds. The additive interacts strongly at the particle-matrix interface. This particular interaction leads to overall improved processing conditions such as better melt flow, while at the same time important physical properties such as tensile strength, e-modulus, HDT and impact resistance are maintained or even improved. This unique combination of properties makes BYK®-P 4101 the additive of choice for compounders who want to increase filler loads and/or improve mechanical strengths. BYK®-P 4101 is supplied as a powder and is easy to incorporate.


Moreover BYK will be presenting DISPERPLAST®-1018: This is a high performance wetting and dispersing additive for color masterbatches based on new proprietary copolymer technology. DISPERPLAST®- 1018 significantly improves the dispersion of pigments. Masterbatchers will see enhanced color strength, better filter pressure values, and fewer agglomerates and black spots. The additive is wax-free (no migration!) and is compliant with FDA and European food contact regulations.



About BYK:

BYK is one of the world’s leading suppliers of additives used in the coatings, inks, and plastics industry.

Approximately 85 % of our sales are generated by foreign countries. Our major export markets are Europe, the United States and the Far East.

Additives are used by processing industries in the production of coatings, inks, and plastics. In very small quantities, BYK additives simplify manufacturing processes, and significantly improve the quality of finished goods, such as motor vehicles and furniture. BYK is a member of ALTANA AG, Wesel. ALTANA develops and produces high quality, innovative products in the sector of specialty chemicals.


BYK has been producing additives since 1962 in Wesel. Today it employs around 1052 people worldwide, 25 % of whom work in research and development departments or technical laboratories